Redwood works. For you.

Whether you are seeking to hire best-in-class talent, or seeking your next career challenge, our experienced team is committed to taking the time to truly understand your needs.


Connecting with people and learning what they are passionate about is what excites us. We are committed to working together until we find the right job, not just a new job.


We enjoy learning about what the next career challenge looks like in your eyes so that we are on the same page from the very beginning.


We understand that closure is important and we will always keep you updated on your status throughout the process.

Details are Important

Our strong client relationships allows us to provide additional insight that goes beyond the job description.


Making a career transition can feel challenging, and we help make the process stress free by providing personal guidance each step of the way.


We see every open job as a unique opportunity to help connect you with someone who has the potential to take your team to the next level and grow your business. We know how important it is for you to hire the right person, and we will keep working until we’ve found you the perfect match.


Your time is valuable, so we will identify, screen, and submit only the most qualified candidates. We believe in quality over quantity.


We know how to interpret and adapt to the nuances of each job requirement, which allows us unlimited search potential no matter how unique the ask.


We provide the latest information on candidates and industry trends to ensure your organization is always informed.


During the search process, your needs may shift, and we take pride in our ability to adjust our strategy until we find the right fit.